Selling Your Property

Thinking of selling your home? Before committing to this big decision, Eastwood Real Estate can offer you the following tips to ensure that you get the best return for your efforts.

1. Choose a qualified salesperson

Your sales agent will introduce your home to the marketplace and negotiate on your behalf with prospective buyers to find the best deals. With Eastwood Real Estate, we deliver a working knowledge of the Sydney real estate market and which buyers are most likely to respond to your offer.

2. Research the competition and your buyers

First impression—also known as curbside appeal—makes a key difference to most buyers in the market. This means knowing what other homes are being sold for and how to meet those prices to satisfy your buyers. It also means making your home more appealing to new buyers through repairs, renovations and a thorough cleaning.

3. Find a solicitor for advice

Before you sell your property, it’s important to have an independent source of legal advice. Sale and Purchase Agreements are legally binding once signed, so it’s a smart decision to get a solicitor who knows real estate and can give you their counsel on a particular sale.

For more assistance in legal matters, you can use the Law Society of New South Wales to find a lawyer in your area, or we can recommend a local solicitor.

4. Make yourself and your property widely known

As much as beautifying your home will make it appealing, it won’t sell nearly as well without the right publicity. Eastwood Real Estate can help you reach out to a larger pool of potential buyers, which increases your chances of getting an opportunity to sell at an exceptional value.

5. Accept an offer that’s right for you

Any written offer on your residential property must go directly to you for inspection and approval, with our salespeople available for advice and other help as needed. We will negotiate and work with the buyer to ensure our clients get the best price, complete with a deposit from the buyer to guarantee the purchase of your property.


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